Address: Vancouver, BC Canada




Jan Alexander and the Threshold Choir's community outreach visits will specifically address the suffering and vulnerability of women. The idea is for Laura Barron of Instruments of Change to support Jan Alexander and the Threshold Choir in their gesture of community outreach.

This initiative hopes to meet the needs of women facing social isolation and inner suffering. Brenda Morrison will be facilitating a healing process through follow-up circle work. The combination of sacred music and human encounter in circle hopes to inspire deep healing involving compassion, inner reflection of personal memories and inner catharsis. Laura Barron of Instruments of Change with Jan Alexander and the Threshold Choir have agreed to participate in the SFU academic conference and their community outreach work will link up with the conference theme: 'Vulnerability: Reclaiming Lost Identity.'

The Threshold Choir's 'sacred song/s' are to be performed at the beginning of the conference on 'Music and Transformation: The Performing Arts and Restorative Justice' after they have been presented to four groups of women in the community: refugees, rape victims, the homeless and inmates. The idea is to have the choir sing their music interspersed and followed up with feedback in the form of healing circle work.


Please see the names of volunteers participating in this community outreach project: 

Healing Circle Work: Brenda Morrison

Instruments of Change: Laura Barron

Singer Song Writer: Leah Abramson

Members of the Vancouver Threshold Choir: Jan (Janet) Alexander (director)

Jan AlexanderBarbara Kuhne
Corinne ThorsellDianne Slimmon
Glida MorganJoanne King
Josie ScottKassie Ruth
Linda HoffmanLinda Lysack
Linde ZingaroLizanne Fisher
Lou EvansMeg Zuccaro 
Sunita RomederSusan Koppersmith
Tiffany WiltonTracy Wachmann
Flora Purcell