Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Workshop for Eurythmists

Sunday 2 December 2012
10:00am to 4:00pm
Vancouver Waldorf School


With the very kind donation of the venue the Vancouver Waldorf School is in part responsible for making this Eurythmy Workshop available to the community at a much reduced rate.

Very many thanks to the Vancouver Waldorf School for their support of this event!  

Eurythmist Maren Stott will be offering a one-day workshop for advanced and professional eurythmists accompanied by pianist Alan Stott.

Limited space available as the workshop is limited to 15 people. First come first serve!

To guarantee your place on this one-day workshop:

Please contact: 
Sonia Plewa: (e-mail) plewasoniahotmailcom
or (telephone) 778-338-8556.


Depending on enrolment the cost of the workshop will vary. The professional fees for Maren and Alan Stott simply need to be covered. At the moment if 10 to 15 people register the workshop will cost no more than $40.00 (CAD). If fewer than ten people register then the cost will have to go up to cover Maren and Alan Stott's professional fees for this four hour workshop.