Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Music for the Art of Eurythmy

Inspired by the Grail Mystery and Parzival's Quest

The most unique intrinsic evolutionary moment of the Cambridge Music Conference occurred when I consciously chose to develop creative dialogue between new music and the art of eurythmy. As you can imagine complete commitment was required on the part of the composers involved. For me composing new music for the art of eurythmy was synonymous with the Quest of the Grail. Although mediaeval literature portrays the Grail as ephemeral, eurythmy seemed to embody the healing agency of the Grail as the very essence of our being. Not only Rudolf Steiner, Kathleen Raine and Carl Gustav Jung perceive the Grail as central to human existence and spiritual regeneration, but also Russian religious philosopher Sergei Bulgakov understands the Grail exists as the collective ground of humanity. Seven new works of music inspired by the Grail composed between 2006 and 2010 for three conferences in London, England and one in Vancouver, Canada culminated in a special programme 'Healing through the Higher Self' for the 100th Anniversary of Eurythmy in 2012. Without the alchemy between composer and musician/eurythmist the new works of music would have been impossible. Not only the technical excellence of the performers, but their ability to read the hidden narrative and experience of the composer embedded in the musical composition is of paramount importance. Thus the inner dialogue between composer and performer with the performer's ability to listen and translate the inner intentionality of the composer's work has become an integral part of the conference. Although on the surface music and performance appear to be what we are working with, fine-tuned listening which is at the heart of unlocking the Grail mystery is central to the conference.

New Commissions for the Art of Eurythmy

The new works commissioned between 2006 and 2010, as well as Janet Danielson's Fons Vitae Caritas (2014), have all been inspired by the Grail, whereas the new works commissioned between 2012 and 2014 have been inspired by a pressing need for the healing of conflict in our present era. 

Janet Danielson

Truth Threatens Mercy Threatens Justice Threatens Peace (SATB chorus & oboe d’amore)  (2012) 

Fons Vitae Caritas (oboe & piano) (2014) [World Premiere] 

Nigel Osborne

Transformations (oboe d'amore) (2007)

  • Isis
  • Layla
  • Lakshmi
  • Kore
  • Lilith
  • The Banshee
  • Sophia

I-Parzival: Gramsci, the Grail and Medical Anthropology (cello) (2010)

ecological studies (piano) (2012)

Unfinished Memoirs (piano) (2012)

Untitled (piano) (2014) [World Premiere]

Jinny Shaw

There: the Eucharist a gold sun... (oboe) (2007)

2:00am (four female voices) (2012)

Untitled (oboe & cello) (2014) [World Premiere] 

Howard Skempton

Arioso, Grail Transformation and Epiphany (cello) (2006)

A Healing Question (oboe d'amore) (2008)

Gralsstimmung (piano) (2010) 

The Harmony of an Interval (cello & piano) (2012)

Rapprochement (oboe d'amore) (2014) [World Premiere] 

Kate Waring

Fictional Epiphanies (cello) (2008)

  • Stephen Dedalus
  • Jane Eyre
  • Perceval
  • Michael Valentine Smith

Reconciliation, then Peace (cello) (2014) [World Premier]