Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Kairos Eurythmy Programme

The Path of the Soul

Eurythmists: Ursula Zimmermann & Klaus Suppan 

Music: Jinny Shaw (oboe/oboe d'amore)
Lesley Shrigley Jones (cello)
Alan Stott (piano)

Poetry: Geoffrey Norris

8:00pm Saturday 14 March 2014
Rudolf Steiner House, London

Stephen Dedalus - Fictional Epiphanies (cello)
Kate Waring

Valentine Michael Smith - Fictional Epiphanies (cello)
Kate Waring

Parzival in front of the Grail Castle
Ernst Stadler

Adagio, ma non troppo, Op. 110 (piano)

Von nun an, Nr. 2 (piano)
Pedro Guiraud

The Guardian of the Threshold
Knowledge of the Higher Worlds: How it is achieved?
Rudolf Steiner

Von nun an, Nr. 3 (piano)
Pedro Guiraud

Parsifal und Gurnemanz
Richard Wagner

Perceval - Fictional Epiphanies (cello)
Kate Waring

Jane Eyre - Fictional Epiphanies (cello)
Kate Waring

Transformations (oboe d'amore)
Nigel Osborne

Fons Vitae Caritas (oboe & piano) [World Premiere]
Janet Danielson

Kairos Eurythmy: Ursula Zimmermann & Klaus Suppan