Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Eurythmy West Midlands Programme

"...the wind that blows through me..."

Eurythmist: Maren Stott

Music: Jinny Shaw (oboe/oboe d'amore)
Lesley Shrigley Jones (cello)
Alan Stott (piano)

Poetry: Geoffrey Norris

7:30pm Saturday 15 March 2014
Rudolf Steiner House, London 

*Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, op. 49 (oboe) (1951)
Benjamin Britten

Phoenix (1932)  
D.H. Lawrence

*ecological studies (piano) (2012)
Nigel Osborne

*Song of a Man who has Come Through (1917)
D.H. Lawrence

*Gramsci, the Grail and Medical Anthropology (cello) (2010)
Nigel Osborne

*Introspection (1952)
Kathleen Raine

“Him I praise…” from  ‘Northumbrian Sequence’ (1952)
Kathleen Raine

*“There: the Eucharist, a gold sun” (oboe d’amore) (2007)
Jinny Shaw 

“There: the Eucharist, a gold sun” (1920)
Osip Mandelstam

*Gralsstimmung (piano) (2010)
Howard Skempton

*A Healing Question (oboe d’amore) (2008)
Howard Skempton 

“To everything there is a season…” from Ecclesiastes 3:1
King James Bible

*Unfinished Memoirs (piano) (2012)
Nigel Osborne


* Pieces and texts performed by Maren Stott in eurythmy