Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Rose Maghsoudi

Rose Maghsoudi acquired a PhD in Urban Planning at the University of Tehran, Iran. She has more than 20 years of experience in academia. When she moved to Vancouver, although she was recognised as a professional urban planner by BCIT International Credential Evaluation Service, she decided to pursue a career that would help her socially and emotionally. The only way that she could help herself and others was through the field of education. Rose felt that immigrants and minority children and women struggle to identify themselves in a foreign country and decided to pursue a course of action that gives both herself and others a voice. Owing to her own background of living in an aggressive environment and being victimized in Iran, Rose has never felt safe inside. As a result, when she immigrated to Canada, she found that gaining knowledge in the sphere of education helped her to heal both her past wounds, as well as, other people in coping with victimization and aggression. After obtaining her second Master's at UBC, she now avidly pursues her second PhD in Educational and Counselling Psychology at UBC. She aims to understand how fear of aggression and sense of safety are associated with each other among adolescents in both online and offline settings. As an UBC Doctoral Candidate, she wishes to use her education and experience as a way of transforming the lives of people around her. Rose is continually interested in areas related to online/offline safe spaces, online/offline aggression, as well as, the beliefs and characteristics of adolescents.