Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Michaelmas Conference

The Vancouver Michaelmas Conference will start at 7:30pm on Friday 28 September with an evening performance at SFU's Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre downtown. At 9:30am on the morning of Saturday 29 September, the SFU conference on “Migration and Multiculturalism” begins with lectures in the morning, followed by workshops in the afternoon. Please see the conference schedule. Workshops will be presented by Joan Sleigh on “Moving from Identity, through Individuality to Integration in a Cosmopolitan Society - Where am I in all this?” and composers Nigel Osborne, Peter Nelson and Owen Underhill will present on “Music and Intercultural Communication.” At 8:00pm on the evening of 29 September this special event culminates for the local anthroposophical community in a lecture by Joan Sleigh on “Michaelmas - A Festival of Hope and Transformation” at Rudolf Steiner Centre in North Vancouver. The closing music of this evening's event is “The Light of Michaelmas” (2015) by Evgeny Shcherbakov that will be performed on the piano by the composer.


Michaelmas Conference
Dates, Times and Locations


7:30pm Friday 28 September 2018

Program Details about the Evening Performance at SFU Woodward's Downtown

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9:30am Saturday 29 September 2018

Program Details about the One Day Conference at SFU Woodward's Downtown

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8:00pm Saturday 29 September 2018

Michaelmas Lecture by Joan Sleigh: “Michaelmas - A Festival of Hope and Transformation”

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Michaelmas Lecture at 8:00pm on 29 September 2018 at Rudolf Steiner Centre, North Vancouver.


Location of Michaelmas Lecture:

Rudolf Steiner Centre
3743 Delbrook Avenue,
North Vancouver, BC

Rudolf Steiner Centre is located in Delbrook Plaza! 

Eurythmy by Maren Stott

Air & Dance (2018) by Jinny Shaw performed by Maren Stott (eurythmy) & Jinny Shaw (oboe d'amore)
Composed for and dedicated to Mary Carmack-Whybray (1923-2017)

In Solitude: Midnight Moon (2018) by Evgeny Shcherbakov performed by Evgeny Shcherbakov (piano)

Loneliness (2006) by Evgeny Shcherbakov performed by Maren Stott (eurythmy) & Evgeny Shcherbakov (piano)

Eagle Flight (2018) by Janet Danielson performed by Jinny Shaw (oboe d'amore)

Unfinished Memoirs (2012) by Nigel Osborne performed by Maren Stott (eurythmy) & Alan Stott (piano)