Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Jinny Shaw – oboe

Jinny has worked with composers such as Jonathan Harvey, Nigel Osborne, Michael Berkeley, Hilary Tann, Aurèle Stroë, Janet Danielson, Augusta Read Thomas and Robin Holloway. As a founding member of the new music collective Okeanos, she has initiated chamber music from Dai Fujikura, Judith Weir, Howard Skempton, Philip Grange, Anne Boyd, Nicola LeFanu among many others. With the ensemble she is featured on several critically acclaimed recordings of new music, including Dai Fujikura’s Secret Forest (NMC) and in addition the chamber music of Elizabeth Maconchy and Nicola LeFanu.

Jinny Shaw was selected by the Japanese Cultural Heritage Initiatives programme at the Institute of Medieval Japanese Studies, Columbia University, New York, as their Tokyo Academy of Instrumental Heritage Music 2016 Global Artist. She was resident in Tokyo from February to April 2016 to learn the Japanese heritage instrument, sho, with esteemed masters Mayumi Miyata and Remi Miura. She was encouraged to study and play Classical Gagaku and contemporary repertoire, and during this time was immersed in cultural, religious, historical and modern aspects of Japanese life which made a profound impression upon her. Since 2016, she has made further visits to Japan to continue her studies and each year plays in the Columbia Gagaku Instrumental Ensemble in New York.

She has performed and commissioned many works for western and Japanese instruments becoming acquainted with well-known composers such as Toshio Hosokawa, Toshi Ichiyanagi and Dai Fujikura. Her commissioned works from Fujikura influencing the next generation of composers include Tadahisa Nakamura, who recently won the Japan Federation of Composers Award. She has broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s ‘Hear & Now’ and featured in the BBC Symphony’s Total Immersion day ‘Sounds of Japan’ at the Barbican and has collaborated with Toronto’s Continuum Ensemble. She is a member of the Hallé Orchestra.