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Jean Pierre Rukundo

Jean Pierre Rukundo is the founder of Love in Motion Canada. He was born in Burundi. Adopted and raised by his uncle from an early age, he was brought up as an only child which is very unusual for that culture. Jean Pierre explains how his uncle was a paraplegic, which helped him learn to fly on his own from an early age. Despite his uncle's disability or perhaps on account of it, Jean Pierre felt the loving nature of his caring parent, which more than managed to meet his needs. Jean Pierre describes his uncle as his inspiration in life. When Jean Pierre came to Canada, he met an enormously generous woman Jocelyne Pruneau, who provided his family practical help by accompanying the family, changing his life from the inside out. She became the best grandmother to his two children. Jean Pierre explains: "She showed me the power of love!" Jean Pierre describes how, because of various kinds of social stigma surrounding him in Africa, his wife had to overcome prejudices and fears cultivated in her family against him. To liberate the next generation from these fears, especially for his children he decided to come to Canada. For these deeply personal reasons he decided to create Love in Motion Canada to help empower, improve, and inspire others. Jean Pierre is acting on his belief that assuaging unnecessary suffering in the lives of others will bring hope: "All deserve equal opportunity in life - United We Stand!"

Love in Motion Canada

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