Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Alan Stott

Alan Stott studied at Dartington College of Arts, UK. From 1976 to 1992 Alan was a pianist in Germany: Eurythmy Stuttgart, Eurythmy School Munich, Eurythmy Stage Group & Eurythmy School Nuremberg; London Eurythmy School; Michael Hall School; Ashdown Eurythmy; Anderida Ensemble (founder); and Kosmos Ensemble. From 1992 to 2018 Alan has performed for Eurythmy West Midlands as a musician, but has also been involved in research work.

Alan also works as a freelance writer and translator of works on music, eurythmy and theology.

Alan's music projects and seminars include Chopin Préludes op. 28; 2002-03 Bach Project with Professor Paul Robertson (violin); 2012 “Water-Islands” with Maren Stott (eurytmy) and Geoffrey Norris (reciter and actor), music by Debussy (2012 toured New Zealand).

Alan's involvement with the Cambridge Music Conference with his artistic partnership Maren Stott has resulted in the two having received Cambridge Music Commissions by composers Professors Nigel Osborne and Howard Skempton.