Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Michaelmas Eurythmy Performance

7:30pm Friday 25 September 2015

Kay Meek Studio Stage
1700 Mathers Avenue
West Vancouver, B.C.
V7V 2G7 


Tickets $25 at the door!

Tickets $20 in advance!

To purchase tickets in advance please contact 
Elizabeth Carmack: ecarmacksfuca 


Janet Danielson
Jinny Shaw
Evgeny Shcherbakov

Marina Hasselberg (cello)
Jinny Shaw (oboe/oboe d'amore)
Evgeny Shcherbakov (piano) 

Kairos Eurythmy
Artistic Director Ursula Zimmermann
Klaus Suppan
Michaela Gohdes
Agata Udatna


** Romance (cello and piano) 

Murray Carmack/Ross Alden (1920-2008)


** Ashwell (cello duo)

Catherine Carmack (1957-2003)


Gralsstimmung (piano) 

Howard Skempton


Resolutions (cello and oboe) World Premiere 

Janet Danielson 


** The Light of Michaelmas (piano) World Premiere 

Evgeny Shcherbakov  


** Dedication to Emily Carr (oboe d'amore and piano) World Premiere

1) the welcoming light
2) the forest listens
3) dance of the pines

Jinny Shaw


Fictional Epiphanies (cello)
** Stephen Dedalus, Valentine Michael Smith, ** Perceval, Jane Eyre

 Kate Waring


** Transformations (oboe d'amore)

Nigel Osborne


** Fons Vitae Caritas (oboe d'amore & piano)

Janet Danielson 


** Performed by Kairos Eurythmy: Klaus Suppan, Michaela Gohdes and Agata Udatna.