Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Calendar of the Soul (Cancelled owing to illness!)

Anthroposophy through the Arts - Calendar of the Soul 
With Ursula Zimmermann (eurythmist)

18 and 19 September 2015

Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul is to be the main focus of the workshop using eurythmy to deepen our understanding of the content of the meditational verses. Details of the workshop to follow! 

Venue to be announced closer the time!

Limited Availability! Workshop Fee $50! Concessions Available!   

Early registration $40 before 1 September 2015  

To register and for more information please contact Elizabeth Carmack: ecarmacksfuca

Ursula Zimmermann

Ursula studied Eurythmy with Elena Zuccoli from 1975 to 1979 in Dornach. She then actively taught in the Elena Zuccoli School of Eurythmy until 2000. Today Ursula works at and carries responsibility for the Kairos Centre of Eurythmy. She teaches eurythmy courses in Switzerland and abroad, but also within the College for Studies and Further Education at the Goetheanum. She possesses professional expertise from her longstanding work on the Goetheanum Stage as well as her continuous independent artistic projects since 1990. She heads the Kairos Project-Ensemble which often appears within conferences at the Goetheanum. Ursula has made the Calendar of the Soul a life long study.

Photo: Ursula Zimmermann