Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Professional Biographies

Elizabeth Carmack

Elizabeth Carmack completed her MA from King's College London with a thesis on The Resurgence of Arthurian and Grail Motifs in 19th Century English Poetry. At the same institution she started a PhD dissertation on Metaphysics and Music in Shakespeare's Romances which remained incomplete. Elizabeth teaches critical thinking and academic writing at Simon Fraser University. She lectured in English Literature, as well as specifically on Shakespeare, at Moscow State University in Russia and Tsinghua University in China. Inspired by her sister's Catherine Carmack's research work at Cambridge University, Elizabeth became passionate about the link between music and freedom. As a result Elizabeth conceived of the Cambridge Music Conference in 2000 running the first conference in 2001. She is the artistic director of the Cambridge Music Conference. Rebuilding Our Humanity in Ottawa is her twelfth event in fifteen years. 

Wendy Charbonneau

Traditionally raised on one of the 26 Squamish First Nation Reserves, Squamish Elder Wendy Charbonneau is a gifted, traditional singer, dancer and story teller. Most of her gifts are shared at conferences, schools and hospitals. An immediate descendant of famous Chief Capilano as well as the late Chief Dan George family line, Wendy Chrabonneau brings alive her people's stories and songs for all to enjoy. In Ottawa her new commission Women Are Gone is central to the Cambridge Music Conference's objective to inspire healing.  

Michaela Gohdes

Im Norden Deutschlands in Lübeck geboren und aufgewachsen. Nach dem Eurythmiestudium an der Hamburger Eurythmieschule Umzug in die Region Basel und Weiterbildung zur Bühneneurythmistin. Seither rege Aufführungstätigkeit, freie Arbeiten und Projekte. Ausserdem Mitglied in verschiedenen Ensembles, u.a. Euchore, Eurythmie-Bühne Goetheanum, zur Zeit mit Ursula Zimmermann aktiv im Kairos-Projektensemble.

Evan Lamberton

A native of Vancouver, Evan Lamberton began his foray into music with the clarinet. After several stints in band camp over the years he now resides in Toronto where he studied with internationally renowned cellist Shauna Rolston at the University of Toronto. Prior to moving to Toronto Evan studied under cellist Ariel Barnes under whose tutelage he developed a passion for chamber music and contemporary works - both facets of the musical ouvre he enjoys exploring in tandem. Evan has also had the great pleasure of studying under such eminent artists as Rachel Mercer, the Cecilia String Quartet, and the St. Lawrence String Quartet. In 2014 as a member of the Erato String Quartet, winners of the 2014 Felix Galimir Award for Excellence in Chamber Music, Evan attended the St. Lawrence String Quartet seminar at Stanford University. When not teaching for Sistema Toronto, Evan can be found playing for Musica Reflecta and the Queer Songbook Orchestra

Nigel Osborne

Nigel Osborne was born in 1948. He studied composition at Oxford with Egon Wellesz and Kenneth Leighton, and in Warsaw with Witold Rudzinski. While in Poland, he co-founded one of the first live-electronic performing groups in Eastern Europe, and worked at the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, the beginning of a special relationship with electroacoustic music which continued with residencies at IRCAM in the 1980s and many works in the live electronic medium.

The core of his output, however, is ensemble music, which issued from a number of long-term collaborations: for example with the Ensemble 20jh of Vienna, with the London Sinfonietta, the Nash Ensemble, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the City of London Sinfonia. Larger orchestral pieces include Sinfonia 1 for the BBC Symphony Orchestra and for the Philharmonia Orchestra The Sun of Venice.

The theatre has always been an important focus for him. There has been a celebrated series of music/dance collaborations with the choreographer Richard Alston - Apollo Distraught,Wildlife, Zansa, Mythologies - and in opera and music theatre he has worked closely with the director David Freeman in works such as Hell's Angels, Faust, Morte d'Arthur and the trilogy Sarajevo. In response to the last of these, he was invited in 1995 to create the first opera of the war in Sarajevo, Evropa, with a libretto by Goran Simic. Other work in the theatre has included Terrible Mouth, and The Electrification of the Soviet Union.

Osborne is currently full-time Reid Professor at the University of Edinburgh, and advisor to the charity War Child, responsible for the implementation of a humanitarian aid programme in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Ottawa Nigel Osborne will be sharing his most recent experiences of working with children in a Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon.

Yawen W. Omega

A genre-defying interdisciplinary artist, Yawen is known as "a dancer at the keyboard" (Georgia Straight) and has created a body of work in the realms of music composition, gallery installation, performance/movement art, music theatre, music for dance, radio play/PodPlay, and interactive media. As a pianist she has performed across Canada, in the US, Taiwan and Japan. Her representative works: Urinetown, The Musical! (Jessie Richardson Award, 2007), Made in China (CBC/BBC Radio, 2004), Excursion (Jessie Nomination, 1998), The Peach Project (cross-cultural opera, 2001) and The Difficult Mountain Paths of Szechwan (National Taiwan Symphony New Composition winner, 1992). In recent years, she had been commissioned a number of Podplays.  She was the recipient of the explorPERFORMANCE Award 2005, and has been a frequent nominee for various awards, including The Future Generation's Millennium Award (Canada Council for the Arts, 2000) and the AMSSA Riasat Ali Khan Diversity Award (2005).  Yawen thrives on living as a polymath: besides counting musically, she also counts numerically as a tax accountant, helping artists build a lifestyle that is both creatively and financially enriching. While always grateful for the continuous opportunity to perform and collaborate in the arts, Yawen embraces her innate entrepreneurial spirit and vision, having created a new platform where she inspires others as a business/financial/life consultant-coach and thought leader. She is the founder of and the creator of 4 online coaching programs. More info can be found at:

Jinny Shaw

Okeanos' primary focus is to reach out to new audiences, create opportunities for young composers, and initiate pioneering performance events, often collaborating with other art forms. 

Having premiered over 100 new works, including commissions from Robin Holloway, Howard Skempton, Judith Weir, Nicola Lefanu and Judith Bingham, they have been at the forefront of many young composers' careers; Lynne Plowman, Dai Fujikura, Chikako Morishita and Basil Athenasiadis to name a few. 

They recently gave an all-Knussen chamber music programme as part of Institute of Musical Research's Oliver Knusssen conference. They have also played at Kings Place, and the Warehouse participating in 5 BMIC Cutting Edge Series. Residencies have included Dartington 2009 in celebration with Japan-Uk150, Vale of Glamorgan Festival and Oxford Brookes Universities. They have given workshops and performances at Oxford & Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festivals, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Bath Spa and Cardiff Universities. Earlier projects include collaborations through SPNM and the Asian Music Circuit with koto soloist Etsuko Takezawa; and also with artist Katharine Dowson and Textural Space exhibition curator Lesley Millar. 

This February they give their debut at the Barbican in a concert as part of BBC Radio 3's Total Immersion weekend featuring the music of Dai Fujikura. 

Okeanos has featured on Radio 3's 'Here & Now' and their recordings broadcast on Australian and UK radio. The recently released NMC Debut Disc series features music by Dai Fujikura and has been acclaimed worldwide. 

Klaus Suppan

Klaus Suppan was born 1981 in Graz, Austria. He studied jazz and improvisational music, as well as music and media technologies, at Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, Austria. Klaus studied eurythmy at the Individual Study Programme at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. Currently he teaches eurythmy within the context of Course Studies and Further Education at the Goetheanum, as well as the Academy for Art and Anthroposophy. He is part of the Kairos Project Ensemble and is the director of the Academy for Art and Anthroposophy in Dornach, Switzerland.

Ursula Zimmermann

Ursula studied Eurythmy with Elena Zuccoli from 1975 to 1979 in Dornach. She then actively taught in the Elena Zuccoli School of Eurythmy until 2000. Today Ursula works at and carries responsibility for the Kairos Centre of Eurythmy. She teaches eurythmy courses in Switzerland and abroad, but also within the College for Studies and Further Education at the Goetheanum. She possesses professional expertise from her longstanding work on the Goetheanum Stage as well as her continuous independent artistic projects since 1990. She heads the Kairos Project-Ensemble which often appears within conferences at the Goetheanum.