Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Performance Program

Nigel Osborne with Syrian Children in a Refugee Camp
'Praise' by Dean Roberts and Kairos Eurythmy Ursula Zimmermann
Squamish Elder Wendy Charbonneau


Rebuilding Our Humanity


Cambridge Music Conference


Artistic Director: Elizabeth Carmack
8:00pm 13 August 2016


Kailash Mital Theatre, Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada


Featuring World Premieres 


Squamish First Nation Elder Wendy Charbonneau 


British Composer Professor Nigel Osborne


Wendy Charbonneau (voice & drum) 

Evan Lamberton (cello)

Jinny Shaw (oboe d'amore)

Yawen Wang (piano)

Kairos Eurythmy 

Artistic Director: Ursula Zimmermann

Michaela Gohdes

Klaus Suppan

Agata Udatna



Squamish First Nation

  1. Welcome Song to the Squamish First Nation
  2. Women Are Gone (2016) WORLD PREMIERE by Wendy Charbonneau
  3. Echoes of Peace by Wendy Charbonneau with Jinny Shaw (oboe d'amore) and Kairos Eurythmy
  4. Journey Home: Messengers of Peace 



Tribute to Ross Alden (1920-2008)

Romance by Ross Alden (piano and cello) with Kairos Eurythmy

Ross Alden is a Canadian pianist and composer who worked at the Goetheanum 1976-1981 


Grail Pieces

Transformations (2007) by Nigel Osborne (oboe d'amore) with Kairos Eurythmy

Gralsstimmung (2010) by Howard Skempton (piano)

Fons Vitae Caritas (2014) by Janet Danielson (oboe d'amore and piano) with Kairos Eurythmy





Emily Carr Remembered

'a welcoming light, the forest listens, dance of the pines' (2015) by Jinny Shaw

(oboe d'amore and piano) with Kairos Eurythmy



Dedication to Syria

Children's Songs from Syrian Refugee Camps (2016) WORLD PREMIERE by Nigel Osborne

(oboe d'amore, cello and piano) with Kairos Eurythmy



Michaelmas Re-imagined

The Light of Michaelmas (2015) by Evgeny Shcherbakov (piano) with Kairos Eurythmy