Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

Composers' Workshops

Nigel Osborne with Syrian Children in a Refugee Camp
'Praise' by Dean Roberts and Kairos Eurythmy Ursula Zimmermann
Squamish Elder Wendy Charbonneau

Cambridge Music Conference Composers Workshops take place at Encountering Our Humanity Conference: 

Cambridge Music Conference Composers: Jinny Shaw, Wendy Charbonneau, and Nigel Osborne

MONDAY 8 August 2016: Composer Jinny Shaw's recent work 'a welcoming light' inspired by Emily Carr gives credence to the artist's seminal work for our time. Emily Carr's paintings and Jinny Shaw's music will be presented in an effort to help you give utterance to a poem about nature. 

TUESDAY 9 August 2016: Composer Jinny Shaw's 'dance of the pines' also inspired out of Emily Carr's work will be at the heart of this eurythmy workshop with Klaus Suppan. Enter into the spirit of Jinny Shaw's music through the art of eurythmy. 

THURSDAY 11 August 2016: Squamish Elder Wendy Charbonneau brings a Squamish First Nations legend alive about The Sisters and Siwash Rock through singing, drumming and dancing along with other forms of Squamish First Nation's spirituality. Come and experience the spirit of the Squamish First Nation People through participating in this workshop. 

FRIDAY 12 August 2016: Composer Nigel Osborne speaks about his therapeutic work with children in war-locked zones. In this workshop Nigel Osborne introduces his new work inspired out of his recent experience with children in Syrian and Lebanese refugee camps. Nigel Osborne helps children find their own voice whose songs will be immortalized in Nigel Osborne's new commission to be premiered 13 August in Ottawa.