Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

2008 - The Grail Question Today: The Healing Power of Quest/ion/ing

Cambridge Music Conference 2008
Rudolf Steiner House, London

The Grail Conference cultivates dialogue between three different schools of thought. C.G.Jung's Analysis, Kathleen Raine's Temenos Academy, and Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy share the understanding of the vital place the Grail holds in life, spiritual renewal and healing for the individual and the world today.

Special guest speaker this year will be Dr Michaela Gloeckler, Head of the Medical Section of the Anthroposophical Society. Dr Gloeckler takes up the theme of "The Grail as a Therapeutic/Healing Ideal" in the opening address and following plenum discussion. A choice of workshops is dedicated to exploring the healing power of the GRAIL QUESTION TODAY through MUSIC with composer Nigel Osborne, JUNGIAN DRAMA specialists Matthew and Rosamund Harwood, PAINTING with David Newbatt and William Forward, and POETRY with Temenos Academy Fellow Jack Herbert.

Three annual conferences from 2006 to 2008 at Rudolf Steiner House in London have taken the direction of Howard Skempton's piece of music "Arioso, Grail Transformation and Epiphany" (2005) especially commissioned by the Cambridge Music Conference for this initiative.

2006: Grail Narratives: Dance of Life: A Variety of Different Approaches
2007: Grail Transformation: The Interface of Suffering/Healing Within
2008: Grail Imagination/Epiphany: The Grail Question: The Healing Power of Quest/ion/ing

Organised under the auspices of the Cambridge Music Conference, new pieces of music have been commissioned for each conference, but composed especially for the art of eurythmy in mind. At the up-coming Grail Conference Howard Skempton's "Arioso, Grail Transformation and Epiphany" (2005) and Nigel Osborne's "Transformations" (2006) will be performed by eurythmist Ursula Zimmmermann and new works by composers Kate Waring and Howard Skempton premiered by Lesley Shrigley Jones (cello) and Virginia Shaw (oboe d'amore) respectively, will be performed by eurythmist Maren Stott.