Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

2007 - Grail Transformation: Quest for the Grail Within

"The real voyage of self discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
- Marcel Proust (1871-1922)

Cambridge Music Conference
24 -25 March 2007
Rudolf Steiner House, London

 An initiative of the

Cambridge Music Conference

featuring new music inspired by the Grail

Howard Skempton's new piece of music ‘Arioso, Grail Transformation and Epiphany’ (2005)commissioned by the Cambridge Music Conference for the first of three events in March 2006, has inspired the development of the Grail Conference.

Different schools of thought integrate the Grail as a source of renewal and healing within their philosophy. CG Jung’s mystical experience of the Grail influences his understanding of just how the spirit can heal. Rudolf Steiner's foundations of Anthroposophy rest on the Grail as described in ‘Occult Science.’ Kathleen Raine’s vision of cultural regeneration for the Temenos Academy empowered by the imagination is through the Grail.

The first conference on Grail Narratives was primarily a series of lectures on the origins of the Grail Legend and its place in Western culture as a source of inspiration in religious thought, literature, art and music.

The second conference focuses on Grail Transformation, i.e. the interface of suffering and healing. Workshops draw on the Grail in music, painting, drama, and poetry as a source of inner discovery and personal renewal. Conference contributions - lectures, workshops, artistic presentations and new music commissions - reveal how human suffering can be equated with the Grail, transforming the inner nature of the individual to develop a more conscious experience of the spirit.

Andrew Wolpert opens the conference with a lecture on ‘Grail Transformation through Destiny: Suffering in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s ‘Parzival’ as a Metaphor for Modern Experience.’ A festival event features author Brian Keenan speaking of his own personal suffering from the time he was held hostage in prison, immortalized in his autobiographical work ‘An Evil Cradling.’ 


Cambridge Music Conference has especially commissioned ‘Transformation’ (2006) by Nigel Osborne, Reid Professor of Music at Edinburgh University, for this event. ‘Transformation’ (2006) will be premiered by Virginia Shaw on oboe d’amore.