Address: Vancouver, BC Canada

2001 - The Esoteric Importance of Music

Educating and Healing the Spirit through Music
Cambridge Music Conference 2001 

Every illness is a musical problem - its cure a musical solution!
- Novalis (1772 - 1801)

Cambridge Music Conference presents 'The Esoteric Importance of Music: Educating and Healing the Spirit through Music.'  The conference, which is the first of its kind, aims to bring together the esoteric and exoteric streams of consciousness working with music in the arts, education and various spheres of healing. The aesthetic value of music and its religious and spiritual importance, as well as its healing dimension, will be affirmed through the presence and the participation of three highly acclaimed composers. Musical premieres of their most recent works are to be performed by Theatre of Voices and The Medici Quartet in Trinity College Chapel.


Specialists, musicians and composers will lecture mornings, and follow-up discussions in the afternoons will be held on controversial issues pertaining to music and healing, and the aesthetic, moral and cultural implications of recorded music in our era. The afternoons will be devoted to discussions, music and voice performance, and music-therapy workshops. Participants who are professional musicians will be encouraged to perform in concert. There will be advanced voice workshops for the musically adept and singing for teachers interested in strengthening their own musical ability.


The value of live music as a source of spiritual renewal within pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic spheres is ackowledged by this initiative. The conference is a celebration of the nature of music and its esoteric dimension to heal. The physical beauty and cultural heritage of Cambridge University should help to give life and impetus to the ideals at the heart of this conference.


Music, the greatest good that mortals know,

and all of heaven we have below.

-Addison (1672-1719), 'A Song for St Cecilia's Day'